• Safe swallowing to enjoy eating together


    GOKURI is currently available for non-medical devices, medical device version is under development

  • GOKURI vision

    A wearable device to monitor swallowing and a monitoring/analysis service, "GOKURI" watches over and supports your loved ones together so that they can enjoy eating for as long as possible

    Reduce the risk of aspiration

    Opportunities for appropriate medical intervention for poor oral function are frequently missed. By monitoring early signs of aspiration risk and taking proactive measures, the danger of future aspiration and post-febrile pneumonia is reduced.

    Aspiration pneumonia can be a preventable disease.

    Every year, approximately 40,000 lives are lost due to aspiration pneumonia without appropriate intervention. Early detection of signs of aspiration pneumonia and management of the condition before it gets critical is vital.

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    Neckband 4

    Neckband 4, which is fully interlocked with the GOKURI system in the cloud, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to quantify swallowing. It monitors vital data by means of contact-type sensors (Patent No. 6903368). They are: swallowing and breathing sounds, the number of swallows and coughs, neck angle, pulse rate, temperature measurement function, and blood oxygen level. Both wireless (Bluetooth connection) and wired connections are supported and can be used according to the hospital environment.

  • GOKURI Cloud

    The GOKURI Cloud, a cloud system provided to medical professionals together with the Neckband 4, allows various data collected by the neckband to be managed and viewed on a dashboard.
    The dashboard facilitates information sharing among multiple professionals engaged in swallowing and care activities in the hospital wards, especially clinicians at different times of the day.

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  • What GOKURI can do

    GOKURI presents the following features

    Measure swallowing sounds from the neck

    To monitor swallowing and eating, the Neckband 4 measures swallowing sounds, posture and vital data. In addition to swallowing sounds, the system can also capture aspiration risk signs such as coughs and resting breath sounds.

    The LED on the neckband turns green when a swallowing sound is detected. When a sound other than swallowing is detected, the LED lights up red.


    The Neckband 4 senses the neck angle in three degrees of freedom to measure posture data. At the beginning of a meal, the examiner can visually check on the app whether the examinee is in an appropriate posture or not.

    Protocols for swallowing screening tests

    Assessment of the eating patterns and rehabilitation progress of hospitalized patients by means of bedside swallowing function tests, such as Repeated Saliva Swallowing Test (RSST), Water Drinking Test, and Food Test, are fully supported by GOKURI app.

    Manage and monitor measurement data via cloud services

    With GOKURI's cloud dashboard system, GOKURI Portal, the results of each measurement for each person can be instantly recorded in the cloud database in a network environment. With GOKURI Portal, the number of swallows, the swallowing pace, the number of coughs, and other parameters are displayed along with vital data. It also allows the user to see who, when, and how the measurements were taken by the team as a whole.

  • Purchase



    Please select the desired service plan. If you are not sure which service plan to choose, please contact us using the contact form.


    Online Dicussion

    We will discuss your needs online.



    You will be asked to return the application form mailed to you.


    Receive a quotation

    A quotation will be sent according to the details of your application.



    Once a consensus has been reached, the contract will be signed electronically.


    Utilization Start

    Customer support is provided according to the service plan during the usage period.

  • Key Research Partners

    Partners that cooperated to the development of GOKURI for basic medical research

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  • Service Plan

    Multiple plans are provided to hospitals, research institutes, and educational institutions based on purposes and usage scenarios.

    Currently, GOKURI is a non-medical device and should be used for research purposes only. It cannot be used for the diagnosis of diseases.


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    β Program

    1-year lease contract

    Lead time is required for order production

    Initial Fee



    For annual contracts


    • Neckband 4 measures swallowing sounds, neck angle, pulse, and can be viewed in the cloud.
    • Neckband 4  /Application (Android smartphone) up to 3 units  
    • GOKURI cloud administration and  staff accounts are issued per contract 
    • Support from a registered speech-language pathologist
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    For large scale demonstration experiments

    Please contact us

    • Cohort and epidemiological research applications
    • Demonstration experiments are available for more than 10 years and more than 3,000 people per year (Please contact us for details)
  • What's New

    2021/08/17  Redesigned the service website

    gokuri.com has been launched.

    2021/01/11 GOKURI Exhibited at CES

    We exhibited our product "GOKURI" at one of the world's most influential tech exhibition "CES 2021."

    2020/05/22 Lecture at the NRW Japan Fireplace WebTalk by Live Streaming

    On May 22nd, 2020, Our President and CEO, Kenji Suzuki was invited as a guest speaker to the "NRW Japan K.K. Fireplace WebTalk- Digital Health - COVID-19 as a Catalyst for Changes in the German/NRW and Japanese Health Care System - Developments in Medical Regulations, Clinical Environments and Business Opportunities“ and presented a lecture titled “AI/IoT measures swallowing.”

    2019/09/27 Gave a special lecture in Commercialization Promotion Program.

    On September 27th, 2019, Atsushi Nitasaka, our Director and Officer in charge of Communications and Public Relations, gave a lecture about the product and the vision that brings to the new society, and the key points of the presentation for commercialization at the Ibaraki Tech Planter 2019 Kickoff held in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

    2019/09/21 Received the Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Award at the 6th Biotech Grand Prix.

    On September 21st, 2019, our company's "Artificial Intelligence Measures Swallowing 'GOKURI'" received the Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Award in the 6th Biotech Grand Prix at Tech Planter 2019 hosted by Liberace Inc. at Dai Nippon Printing Co.

    2019/09/06 Introduced in a Vietnamese TV program

    A Vietnamese TV program (Dated September 6, 2019) introduced our work with GOKURI as "Độc đáo thiết bị giúp theo dõi hoạt động nhai, nuốt ở người cao tuổi" (provisional translation: a unique device to help measure the swallowing ability of the elderly). This is a unique device that helps to measure the swallowing ability for the elderly.

    2019/09/05 Introduced in the Hong Kong newspaper "Thinking Hong Kong"

    Thinking Hong Kong (Dated on September 5th, 2019), the Hong Kong newspaper, featured PLIMES vision and GOKURI technology in an article titled "Tokyo Observation / The Most Advanced Technology and Knowledge Hub".

    2019/08/29  GOKURI was introduced at the Venture Cafe, Cambridge Innovation Center

    On August 29, 2019, our President and CEO, Kenji Suzuki, gave a presentation "Wearable robots and AI/IoH technologies for future society" for local college students at the Venture Cafe "Tsukuba University Night: The Role of Academia in Innovation" hosted by the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

    2019/08/11 Featured in The Straits Times, Singapore

    The Straits Times (Dated on August 11th, 2019), Singapore's largest newspaper, featured GOKURI in an article titled "The age of artificial intelligence: Helping seniors live longer, healthier in Tokyo"

    2019/07/11 Introduced The Japan Times

    The Japan Times (Dated on July 11th, 2019), which publishes English-language news of Japan and the world, introduced PLIMES activities as a "Swallowing solution," a technology to better support the lives of the elderly.

    2019/06/21 Introduced at the global conference "Health 2.0 Asia - Japan 2018"

    Speaker at the session "Frailty and Mental Illness in Aging" on the second day of Health 2.0 Asia - Japan 2018, held on December 4th and 5th, 2018.

    2019/06/08-09 GOKURI was exhibited at the G20 Ibaraki-Tsukuba Trade and Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting

    GOKURI was exhibited at the G20 Ibaraki-Tsukuba Trade and Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting held in Tsukuba City.

    2018/11/06 Reported in NHK News Good Morning Japan

    GOKURI was reported as a device "Using AI to Analyze Swallowing Sounds to preventing aspiration pneumonia" in NHK News Good Morning Japan.

    2018/09/12 Published in Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun

    Regarding the text in the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun on September 12th, 2018, it states "encephalitis detection." However, GOKURI is a device that detects if a person is swallowing properly.

    2018/09/08-09 The 24th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation (in Sendai)

    As a joint research project with the University of Tsukuba, we will exhibit GOKURI at the 24th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation.

    2018/06/28 Selected for a New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Project

    Swallowing measurement and big data viewing project on GOKURI has been selected for the FY2018 NEDO support project for the development and practical application of problem-solving type welfare equipment.

    2018/05/25 Received the 2nd Mebuki Business Award for Excellence

    Won the Excellence Award at the 2nd Business Awards organized by Mebuki Financial Group for our Gokuri plan.

    2018/05/07 Certified as a Microsoft for Startups member

    Our business with a core of GOKURI has been recognized by Microsoft for Startups, Microsoft's startup support program.

    2018/03/04 GOKURI's business model won the Japan Business Model Competition (JBMC)

    GOKURI won the Japan Business Model Competition (JBMC) ,which is a real-world business plan contest, and will represent Japan in the International Business Model Competition (IBMC) finals to be held in the U.S. in May 2018.

    2018/05/09 Website is now open

    The company website and the product website (GOKURI) are now available.

    2018/04/18 PLIMES Inc. was founded

    The company was established as PLIMES Inc. in the Industry-Academia Liaison Joint Research Center Building, 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Japan.

  • Our team

    Meet the GOKURI development team

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    Kenji Suzuki

    President & Co-Founder

    President and Representative Director. Professor of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tsukuba. Director of Center for Cybernics Research. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Dr. (Engineering).

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    Tomoya Shimokakimoto

    Vice President & Co-Founder

    Vice President and Representative Director. Graduated from the University of Tsukuba. Worked as a researcher at the University of Tsukuba. PhD. (Engineering) and Master (Medical Science).

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    Dushyantha Jayatilake

    Director & Co-Founder

    Director. Graduated from Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka, and completed graduate studies at the University of Tsukuba. Worked as a researcher at the the University of Tsukuba. PhD. (Engineering).

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    Atsushi Nitasaka

    Director & Co-Founder

    CEO. Director. Graduated from University of Tsukuba. Worked at a publishing company and Mixi Inc. Representative Director and CEO of ZINE Inc.

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    Tomoko Kondo

    Administration & Global Affairs Assistant

    Graduated from the graduate school of Seaton Hall University, the US. Worked at the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the University of Tsukuba. Curator and career consultant. M.A.

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    Saho Matsuda

    SiteManage, Promotion

    Graduated from the University of Tsukuba. Worked as a freelance editor, at the Food Research Institute, and the University of Tsukuba's Public Relations Office. President of vivLogos, an academic society support business.

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    Marco Mollinetti

    Senior Data Analyst

    Graduated from the Federal University of Pará, Brazil, Worked at and the State Data Processing Office of Pará. Obtained Master's and PhD. degrees at the University of Tsukuba. PhD.(Engineering).

    broken image

    Luis Cahuich

    Hardware Development Assistant

    Graduated from the Polytechnic University of Lerma, Mexico. Worked at Mandara, Encore, and CIDESI, Mexico. Currently a graduate student at the University of Tsukuba, and has worked for Mandara, Encore, and CIDESI.

    broken image

    Baptiste Bourreau

    Application Engineer

    Graduated from Grenoble Institute of Technology, France. Worked at DYNSEO, and the University of Tsukuba as a technical assistant. M.S. (Health Information Technologies)

    broken image

    He Yang

    Global Affairs Assistant

    Graduated from the University of Aix-Marseille 1, France. Obtained PhD. degree at the University of Tsukuba. PhD. (Linguistics)

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  • About Us

    Company Name : PLIMES Inc.
    Date of Establishment: April 18th, 2018
    Business: Research and development of medical and welfare equipment and systems

    Company Address

    (Tsukuba Head Office)
    Room 201, Industry-Academia Liaison Research Center Building
    1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba 305-8577, Japan